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Zoom delivers secure and seamless video communications that help users achieve more. Cloud telephony, webinars, conference room solutions and more.


Zoom USA is a multi-person mobile cloud video conferencing software. It was developed and launched in 2011 by engineers from Cisco and WebEx. It provides users with a free cloud video calling service that combines HD video conferencing and mobile web conferencing features. Zoom is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Usage Tips

After joining the video conference, there is a share screen option at the bottom of the window, click the button to select the screen window you want to share.

Login to Zoom, enter the home screen and click the schedule icon button to make a meeting schedule appointment and record the schedule of the video conference to be held. After the meeting event is scheduled, Zoom automatically generates a draft of the meeting information email, and you can directly add the email addresses of the participants to send the meeting information for memo notification.

Editor Review

Zoom Apps combines users' favorite apps with video communication capabilities, allowing them to access them directly within Zoom Meetings. Users can enhance the Zoom experience with a variety of apps that span a variety of use cases, including whiteboarding, project management, note taking, gaming, and more.Zoom Apps is a key component of Zoom's transformation from app to platform and integrates seamlessly with third-party apps in Zoom. Zoom Apps enables users to use their favorite entertainment, office, fitness, and lifestyle apps while maintaining the Zoom meeting experience and enabling more functionality through video communication.Zoom Apps increases productivity by allowing everyone to access and use the same app in a meeting. You can also share and send Zoom Apps directly to other attendees in a meeting to promote collaboration and interaction. By using Zoom Apps, users can also streamline workflow, collaborate with colleagues, and add an element of fun and wellness to interactions with colleagues, friends and family. With support for expanding and collapsing app side panels, opening apps in new windows, and switching between multiple Zoom Apps at once, Zoom Apps gives you plenty of screen real estate for collaboration.